Residential Concrete Services

At Concrete Style - Perth Concreting we pride ourselves on delivering quality concreting services for industrial, commercial and residential clients at affordable prices. As Perth's leading choice for concreting services, we have a strong reputation in the Perth area for providing high quality concreting services.

polished and honed concrete
Simple, Stunning and Practical

Honed concrete is unlike any other floor surface. More than any other choice, concrete enables you to achieve the ideal balance between beauty and practicality. It shimmers, shines and multiplies the radiant effects of light, while giving you a lifelong foundation that's solid as rock, durable, and virtually maintenance free.

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exposed concrete surfaces
Decorative and stylish concrete, suitable for use in most residential applications.

The appeal is in the finish, which exposes the smooth textured small stones and pebbles that are part of the concrete. This is in contrast to a smooth concrete finish, where the visible surface is primarily composed of the 'fines' within the concrete. Exposed aggregate provides some visual interest by creating random patterns, and a variety of colours. It also creates an attractive, low maintenance and non-slip surface for your driveway, patio and walkways.

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new concrete driveways in perth
Add some new curb appeal

Not only can the team at Concrete Style provide you with a great looking concrete driveway, we can also provide a range of colours and designs. We believe that driveways don’t all have to be the same which is why we can provide stamped concrete to help make your driveway look unique and elegant.

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patio concrete flooring
We can help with your Patios & Alfresco concreting

For those of you who are conscious about your budget, regular concrete will provide you with a fresh new look. It’s practical and very low maintenance and perfect for patios. Regular concrete can be finished one of two ways, Broom Finish or Smooth Finish. No Sealer is required.

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concrete pool surrounds
Add some style to your outdoor pool

Whether you prefer the contemporary look for your pool surround, the elegant look of our pattern stamped concrete or even the rustic look of exposed concrete, all of our finishes are designed to provide durable and maintenance free hard scapes that will enhance your pool area for years to come.

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If you are looking for a company to assist with all your concreting needs, Concrete Style - Perth Concreting is the perfect choice.

All our staff have been professionally trained to assist with all your concreting requirements..

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